Unrehearsed Music Group.​
Unrehearsed Music Group.
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Street Music Vol 9
Hosted By Lil Wyte


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Anonymouss, JHall, Dremoney, J-$tack,

Dr. Haze, Kola Marcello, Unrehearsed

Music Group. OddSmoke X 3DWon,

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Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

​Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

​A Winter Classic

​A Winter Classic
By Unrehearsed Music Group OddSmoke X 3DWon
Upcoming Release to Showcase our Latest Work. Unreleased Music, Exclusive Tracks from our Upcoming Major Release 'This Is How We Begin' Will be Released Digitally and Hard Copy. Stay Tuned for This Holiday Mixtape full of Bangers! Hope you Got a System! Bump This Tape this Holiday Season!

OddSmoke X 3DWon

Tucson, Arizona

Unrehearsed Music Group. is an Independent Record Label Owned & Operated in Tucson, Arizona.


About Us|UnMG.
      Overworked about status ain't the Drive in us. We believe anyone can Be Great. Hard Work, Dedication, and Belief in Truth keeps the waters Calm. Pave the Road with Passion bigger than what's to expect. Live with your Head and Heart in Peace. Violence is easy. To succumb to a low state, willfully isn't hard. To say No, and be the Bigger Person is hard. Never stoop to a level you ain't ready for consequences. Stick to the Code. Be the Difference. We've all gone bad. But to turn around and Live life the Truthful way is what makes Men, Men. Boys, Kids, Children don't have a say here. Only Men. Unrehearsed Music Group. doesn't follow Trends. We set the Path for our Children. We believe in Greatness! What is Beautiful about this world. Anything is Possible. We are unlike any Music Group. We still believe in Family Values. Call us Old School. Nah, we have Tradition!
Unrehearsed Music Group.
Before Our Debut Mixtape

Unrehearsed Music Group. Presents
OddSmoke X 3Dwon
Before Our Debut!
Mixtape on Datpiff.com!
Push Me
         Spur The Moment
Sometimes you can't take the Radio. Music that was Easy to make. Music controlled by a system unseen. No one can take this Control. However, Unrehearsed Music Group. believes they can help bring the system to a Halt! Real Vs. Fake, The Moment is here to Defy Odds. Rise with us! 1%. We understand Poverty, We understand Racism, We understand Hate. We will Stand for it No More! Follow us, if you Believe.
    UNMG.| Life Lessons
Unrehearsed Music Group. is
Nothing more than Strength, Knowledge, Experience, Fearlessness, Business, Music, Art, Foundation, Build. We have been down, and we have been counted out. But what we Never will be, is Finished. We will Never Quit! Regardless what people say or do. We are who we are. UNMG. Get used to the name. We Barely Begun!

Unrehearsed Music Group. is
(OddBall & D-Smoke)
Push Me
We Spit Real
D-Smoke & FIBO Media Presents
Bling Back MF! Music Video
Filmed in Tucson, Arizona

Leading Single

OddSmoke Leading Single
'Views in Rotation'
Now on iTunes!
Here is a Promotion Music Video.
UofA X OddSmoke!
Thank You City of Tucson!
Let's Goo!
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